Going Global Podcast: 5 Decisions that lead to Success or Failure

International distribution is rightfully appealing to many companies. While going global has probably never been easier, it's also difficult to get it right.  Renowned food industry innovator Tim Forrest and I discuss the 5 key decisions that lead to success or failure in building a sustainable presence in new markets. 

Mike Irwin is an advisor, mentor, operator, and strategist.  Drawing from his past as a startup co-founder/President, executive officer of a $1+ billion market cap company (WD-40), public company CFO, VP Marketing, global chief strategy officer, head of sales, and board member, Mike uses his diverse background to help companies grow sales, improve profitability, and scale up.  He serves as an advisor, consultant, fractional or interim CEO/GM/MD, and on boards of directors.  Follow him at BottleRocketAdvisors.com, get in touch at mike@bottlerocketadvisors.com or connect on LinkedIn.   

Tim Forrest is the #1 food marketing and channel expert in the US. With 20 years as an industry-leading innovator, he’s an in-demand advisor, author, consultant, and speaker on issues related to creating and growing food companies in the US and abroad.  He’s worked with one third of the Fortune 50 including clients such as Borden, Hershey, Keebler, M&M Mars, Smithfield, and Tyson. He serves as an advisor, consultant, investor, and on boards of directors.  Follow him at TimForrest.com, get in touch at tim@timforrest.com or connect on LinkedIn.

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