Business circumstances can change quickly.  Revenue growth goals, innovation targets, acquisitions, new systems, competitive threats, and customer demands can bring about the need to rethink what's being done.  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes and another pair of hands can make all the difference.  I help companies in three main areas:

Growing sales...

  • Brand extension into new categories.
  • Distribution channel strategy and development. 
  • Global geographic expansion and entry into new countries. 
  • Improving consumption through end-user, customer, and marketing strategies.
  • New category and market entry. 
  • Partnering with leadership teams to plot comprehensive corporate strategy. 
  • Product line extension into adjacent segments. 

Improving Profitability & Effectiveness...

  • Aligning organizational assets and people in support of a unified strategy with the necessary communication, prioritization, and clarity in execution plans.  
  • Fractional leadership: CEO, COO, GM, Managing Director
  • Partnering with leadership teams to plot new corporate strategy in light of market opportunities, organizational capabilities, and success requirements. 
  • Optimizing acquisition initiatives via upfront vetting, forward planning, and integration.
  • Working alongside leaders to develop engaging strategy roll out plans that help ensure employee understanding and engagement.   

Scaling Up...

  • Needs assessment
  • Long-term planning
  • Prioritization
  • Outsource / Rent / Hire decisions

I've also worked with other experts in accounting, corporate banking, finance, innovation, investment banking, market research, organizational development, private equity, recruitment, and sales. Depending on your needs, I can put together the right team to help.  Even if you are already engaged in a strategy process, there's a good chance that I can help improve the long-term outcomes. Each situation is different. Let's talk about your organization and needs.  Get in touch here.  

What’s with the name? Bottle rockets are simple, work quickly, and deliver as promised. With Bottle Rocket Advisors, I work to deliver simple, effective, actionable solutions to your business challenges. I help make sure your teams can execute on your plan and then I cheer your success. Unlike some consulting firms, I’m not looking to stretch out the work.
— Mike Irwin - Founder