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Discipline:  Brand Strategy:  WD-40 

Challenge:  With brand awareness of more than 90%, usage of 80%, and presence in 8 of 10 American homes, WD-40 is an iconic and category-defining brand.  It is trusted at home and at work and is sold in more than 100 countries.  While the company saw opportunities to grow the brand in emerging markets, the mature countries were challenged by their own historical success and flat to declining consumption.  What could be done to grow revenue and reinforce the efficacy of brand?

Result:  I led a global, research-driven brand exploration that engaged insiders, agencies, consumers, and industry experts in defining the meaning of the WD-40 brand and the range of possible extension options.  Our work identified product category innovation opportunities and unleashed long term revenue levers for the brand. Outcomes included the launches the first ever extensions of the brand including WD-40 Specialist, WD-40 Motorbike, and WD-40 BIKE. These products are now selling in more than 30 countries and on their way to achieving the goal of $90 million in new brand revenue.